UEPI supports transportation options that help make society just, green and livable. The way that we move impacts everything from the shape of our cities, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. Current transportation policies and systems favor moving people in automobiles and moving products across borders to benefit corporations with global operations. UEPI wants green and fair transportation systems that allow everyone to walk and bike safely and use public transit; that create vibrant, walkable streets; and that prioritize healthy communities.


Our Transportation Related Projects:

Sustainable Oxy

Sustainable Oxy works to make Occidental College a more environmentally sustainable place. UEPI partners with students, faculty, staff, and administrators, community organizations and other colleges to promote green transportation, local and sustainable food, energy efficiency and renewable energy, reduced water use and waste reduction at Oxy.

Regional Food Systems

2418004808_f511e570f9_zThe goal of UEPI's Regional Food Systems program is to develop models and resources that will help small and midsized local farmers overcome the barriers associated with selling their products to institutional customers such as schools, corner stores, hospitals, restaurants, and other healthy food outlets.

Legalizing Street Food Vending

Global Trade and Freight Transport

Port APL Terminal BeemanUEPI's work on global trade and freight transport includes participation in THE (Trade, Health and Environment) Impact Project and the publication and dissemination of a major report on global trade and freight transport issues.

Food and Transportation

6131069940_2845725679_zUEPI believes that transportation options can be improved to help bring good food to people and help people get to good food.

Climate Response

ArroyoFest Freeway Walk & Bike Ride

ArroyoFest was a one-time event held on June 15, 2003, where 3,000 cyclists and several thousand pedestrians walked and rode ON the Historic 110 freeway from Pasadena to Los Angeles. We don't expect to hold another ArroyoFest, but this page is an archive of event materials and publications.

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