Global Trade and Freight Transport

UEPI’s work on global trade and freight transport includes participation in the Moving Forward Network at the national level, THE (Trade, Health and Environment) Impact Project at the Southern California regional level, and the China-Environment program globally. It also includes the publication and dissemination of a major report on global trade and freight transport issues.

The Moving Forward Network and the Trade, Health & Environment Impact Project (T.H.E. Impact Project) involve collaborations of community partners, environmental justice groups, researchers, and legal staff focused on reducing the impacts of trade, ports and goods movement activities on health and community life. The two collaboratives have been funded by The California Endowment and The Kresge Foundation . The collaboratives involve community action and mobilization and research to inform public policy decision-making to encourage healthy solutions for communities impacted by ports, rail yards, intermodal facilities, distribution centers, trucking routes and other goods movement expansion activities. The goals of the collaboratives are to ensure that reducing health, environmental and community impacts become central to the transportation and goods movement planning and policy process. They also seek to shift the nature of the debate about ports and freight movement to elevate community voices in the policy arena, while also using science and legal and policy research to strengthen those voices. The China-Environment program, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, involves several partnerships in Hong Kong and Nanjing, and includes, as one of its research goals, sharing information, community education tools, and policy innovations around the environmental impacts from global trade and freight traffic.

UEPI also produced, with USC researchers, the comprehensive national report on community, environmental, health, and labor impacts from goods movement and global trade that includes a section on how communities are responding in 17 different regions. The report further documents the work of researchers and activists in those regions and helped facilitate the development of the national Moving Forward Network.

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Global Trade and Freight Transport Publications

Environmental and Social Justice Movements and Policy Change in Los Angeles by Martha Matsuoka and Robert Gottlieb February 26th, 2013, Oxford University Press (pdf)

Executive Summary: Global Trade Impacts by Martha Matsuoka, Andrea Hricko, Robert Gottlieb, Juan De Lara January 31st, 2013, UEPI, Occidental College

The Cost of a Global Food Chain by Robert Gottlieb February 25th, 2013, Los Angeles Times (pdf)

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