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Bringing Healthy Food From Local Farms to California’s Schools!

Providing students with farm‐fresh and locally grown food choices is the focal point of farm to school programs. Each farm to school program buys and features fresh, healthy and local breakfast, lunch or snack options, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, and grains. Participating schools assist in teaching students the importance of eating healthy local foods by offering nutrition‐based curricula and providing students with hands‐on learning opportunities through farm visits, gardening, and composting programs.  Farm to school programs help children understand where their food comes from and the importance of supporting their local community, while encouraging students to make healthy food choices part of their everyday life.

California has long been a leader in the farm to school trend, after more than a decade of farm to school there are now programs in more than 1,000 schools. Because of California’s year round growing season and rich agricultural heritage, it is the ideal state where farm to school programs can flourish and grow!  Increasing the availability of locally‐grown products in school meals and educational activities will also expand the market for small and medium‐sized farmers and will mitigate the environmental impacts of transporting food long distances.

Visit the new California Farm to School Website for information and resources to help make farm to school a reality in your area.  Farm to school leadership in California is facilitated by the California Farm to School Taskforce. The Taskforce includes food service staff, community based organizations, farmers, farm organizations, and the California State Departments of Health, Education, and Food and Agriculture.

Visit www.cafarmtoschool.org and get involved!

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California Farm to School Publications

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