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Consistent with our mission, UEPI wants to transform the food system to be more just and sustainable. Achieving food justice – good food for all – will require eliminating disparities that make it difficult for many low-income people to access healthy food; promoting rights for farm workers, food processing workers, restaurasnt workers and others employed in food system work;  and reducing concentrations of power in agribusiness and food retail. A greener food system will center on sustainably-grown, local, healthy food to replace our big ag, fast food, junk food culture. In working towards these goals, UEPI tries to link food issues to our other social change priorities because the way we grow, sell, and eat food influences and is influenced by our built environment, transportation system, and global economy.

Our Food Projects

Regional Food Systems

2418004808_f511e570f9_zThe goal of UEPI's Regional Food Systems program is to develop models and resources that will help small and midsized local farmers overcome the barriers associated with selling their products to institutional customers such as schools, corner stores, hospitals, restaurants, and other healthy food outlets.

Project GROW

Legalizing Street Food Vending

Grocery Accountability Project

Grocery Accountability Project

Food and Transportation

6131069940_2845725679_zUEPI believes that transportation options can be improved to help bring good food to people and help people get to good food.

Farm to WIC

6023921946_bc8b0ec3b3The Farm to WIC program aims to improve the health and vitality of local communities by providing access to high quality, seasonal produce for low-income families while expanding market opportunities for small and medium-scale local farms.

Farm to Preschool

2417179495_1e9ddaeaa4_zThe Farm to Preschool Program began as a two-year pilot program in 2009 and is continuing to expand. It is designed to influence early childhood eating habits and expand the farm to school network of programs to bring farm fresh foods to a range of child care and preschool programs in underserved areas of Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Edible Landscapes

4009116309_6f37a32536_zUEPI believes that various residences and institutions, including affordable housing developments, can be hubs of good food, with gardens and other edible landscaping; farmers markets and CSA drop off points, community food organizing, and other healthy food programs.

California Farm to School

20080606_0255Visit www.cafarmtoschool.org and get involved!

Bringing people to good food and good food to people