UEPI sees the importance of crossing issue and constituency boundaries and establishing programs that expand beyond its four current core issue areas, where opportunities are available to develop such programs and where UEPI can contribute on the basis of its core values and approaches. Our Media Democracy project is one example.

Our Areas of Exploration

Progressive LA Network

Pollution Prevention

Addressing environmental hazards, such as the use of toxic substances in the workplace, in consumer products and the environment, requires an approach that reduces or eliminates those hazards at their source, which has been the focus of UEPI research, policy development, and community action, including solvents used in dry cleaning and the pollution and related hazards associated with ship, car, truck, and rail transport.

Media Democracy

The Media Democracy project co-hosts the annual LA Media Reform Summit with California Common Cause, hosts topically related lectures and workshops, and provides social media training and technical assistance for community-based organizations.

Community Health Engagement Program